Our lab.

We train tomorrow's scientist in the latest biophysical methods to understand how ion channels 

control physiological processes and how their dysfunction results in disease.

We are located lake-side in the metropolitan setting of downtown Chicago,

Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, in the

Department of Pharmacology




Our group develops novel biophysical methodologies to study ion channels.

We specialize in determining changes is their structural conformation and their chemical interactions with drugs.  

We are interested in channels of several organ systems, including the brain and kidney.

--Some questions we are investigating--- 

Which ion channels operate in organelles and how can we design cutting-edge probes to determine their function in the cell?
How do ion channel molecules move and how can we exploit these understandings to control disease?



Our lab regularly publishes in high impact journals.

More importantly, our approaches are rigorous and our methodologies are multidisciplinary.

See our latest publications in pubmed 



Our team is poised to revolutionize our scientific understanding of human disease with the overarching goal to improve human health

























We have several positions available in these general areas: 

molecular biology, biochemistry, structural biology, electrophysiology and biophysics. However, being an expert is not required. Joining our lab presents a tremendous opportunity to cross-train and expand your existing skill set. Come show us what you know, learn new techniques and have fun with our talented crew.




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